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Federal No Surprises Act + -

We want you to be aware of new federal protections for surprise billing, balance billing, and the addition of Good Faith Estimates. Governmental regulation now restricts excessive out-of-pocket costs for services resulting from surprise billing and balance billing. For consumers who don’t have insurance, the new rules make sure you’ll know how much your health care will cost before you get your bill.

1. Q: What is surprise billing?

A: ‘Surprise billing’ is when you receive an unexpected bill from a health care provider or facility. This can happen when a person with health insurance gets medical care from a provider or facility outside their health plan’s network. Surprise billing happens in both emergency and non-emergency care.

2. Q: What is balance billing?

A: ‘Balance billing’ is a type of surprise bill. It is the balance due, or the difference between your total medical bill and the amount paid by a health insurance plan when a patient goes to an out-of-network provider. Patients are expected to pay the difference, which is usually higher than if they had been seen by an in-network provider. 

3. Q: Where can I get an estimate for my hospital charges?

A: Chesapeake Regional has two options: 

You can use the Patient Estimates Tool on

 Or request an estimate 

  • Contact our customer service team at 757-312-6401
  • Go to one of our patient portals (MyChart or Athena Health) to request they provide it there or ask that it be sent through the mail

4. Q: Is the estimate a guarantee of charges? 

A: The estimate is based on the information known at the time of the request. If your physician changes the procedure originally estimated, or needs to add a procedure, the charges will likely change.   

5. Q: What happens if my bill is more than the estimate? 

A: If your bill exceeds the estimate by $400, then you have the right to dispute the charge. Your bill will include a customer service phone number to call for help. 

6. Q: My surgeon (or other provider) is not in-network with my insurance. How will I get an estimate of his/her charges?

A: Your physician will provide you with an estimate.

7. Q: If I have Medicare, do I need an estimate?  

A: Medicare and other federal payers already have restrictions for out-of-network billing to help prevent high medical bills.

You Have the Right to Receive a Good Faith Estimate

Federal law requires health care providers to give patients who don’t have insurance or who are not using insurance an estimate of their bill for medical items and services.

As a patient:

  • You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of any non-emergency items or services, including medical tests and drug costs associated with your procedures, imaging, testing and hospital fees.
  • You may request a Good Faith Estimate in writing before scheduling a medical service. Be sure to save a copy.
  • If you receive your bill with final charges that are at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill.

For an estimate, visit the Chesapeake Regional Healthcare Patient Estimates Tool.

Questions about your bill?

If you have received a patient statement on your account and have questions, please contact our Billing Department.

  • For Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, call 757-312-6401
  • For the physician offices of Chesapeake Regional Medical Group, call 757-312-6754

For more information:

To view a full list of Chesapeake Regional Medical Group providers and accepted insurances, click here

This Chesapeake Regional Medical Center hospital billing estimate is an approximation and is not guaranteed. The final charges may vary if different procedures are provided, additional claims are processed with your insurance provider, or may be based on historical patient charges for materials, supplies, or ancillary procedures. Additional Professional Fees such as independent physician services provided by emergency providers, radiology interpretation, anesthesiology services and/or other physician services, are not included. The estimate is based strictly on the procedure you have selected, the hospital location, the price, and the verification of your health insurance coverage at the time of estimate.