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Hospice Care

Treatment for terminally ill patients and families.

Hospice is a program that offers care for patients with an estimated life expectancy of six months or less who are no longer receiving cure-oriented treatments. The hospice team prioritizes comfort and quality of life by providing supportive care to the patient and caregivers.

Hospice is a philosophy of care that provides specialized health services for people nearing the end of life. If you have a terminal illness or have decided not to pursue further aggressive care and want to focus on comfort and quality of life, hospice care may be right for you. Hospice provides symptom management with a focus on dignity, as well as support services for you and your family. Both inpatient hospice care and home hospice care programs are available.

We approach hospice care with the goal of keeping you in your home as much as possible, with a team of professionals that will provide support where you are most comfortable.

Hospice care is often helpful for those:

  • With a life-limiting or terminal illness
  • Who no longer respond to or seek aggressive treatment or therapies
  • Who want symptom management to provide comfort & quality of life, also known as palliative care
  • Who need help with pain management

We offer our compassionate hospice care services for you while also keeping the entire family closely involved in the process. There are many different options for hospice care, and we focus on creating a unique hospice plan for you and your loved ones.

Services & Specialties


Hospice is a special health care option for end of life care. We approach hospice care with the goal of keeping you in your home as much as possible, with a team of professionals that will provide support where you are most comfortable.

When Care is Provided

Care is usually provided after diagnosis of a life-limiting or terminal illness and patient is no longer seeking curative treatment or therapies.

Where Care is Delivered

Hospice Care is delivered wherever you call home or in the hospital when needed.

How Care is Paid For

Medicare and many insurance providers cover hospice services at 100% of all costs.

Customized Care Delivery

Hospice care is delivered by an interdisciplinary hospice team, and the level of care will vary by patient. Hospice team members make visits throughout the week to provide medical care, emotional and spiritual support, and help with personal care such as bathing.