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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation addresses symptoms of vertigo or “dizziness.” Physical therapists with specialized training work closely with providers to treat conditions causing balance and proprioceptive disorders. There are many factors that can cause dizziness including deficits in visual tracking, inner ear disturbances or generalized weakness. 

Based on evaluation results and in partnership with your physician, we help treat:

  • Vertigo
  • Stroke or central nervous system disorders
  • Head injury/post concussive syndromes
  • Proprioceptive retraining

Receiving Care

Regain Your Independence 

Patients’ goals are considered when every plan of care is created, and close communication is maintained with the patient’s physicians. All therapy is conducted in our 8,000 square foot outpatient facility  and fully-equipped gym. We accept all insurance providers and obtain pre-approval before evaluating outpatients. 

Treatment could include:

  • Otolith repositioning maneuvers
  • Balance and gait training
  • Desensitization of a hyper responsive system
  • Gaze stabilization
  • Negotiating obstacles to prevent or reduce fall risk


Chesapeake Regional Therapy Center

736 Battlefield Blvd. North

Chesapeake , VA 23320

Chesapeake Regional Therapy Center

736 Battlefield Blvd. North

Chesapeake, VA 23320