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Emergency Care

When care begins quickly, a full recovery is more likely.

At Chesapeake Regional's Emergency Department, our compassionate and highly trained staff are ready to care for you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. 

When patients visit our Emergency Department they’re greeted in the waiting area, registered and treated as quickly as possible. Patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries are treated first, while a separate, quick care area is provided for those with less serious conditions.

Where can I call for help? Call 911. 

Where can I walk-in for help? Our Emergency Department, located behind the hospital at 736 Battlefield Blvd., North, is always open for walk-in patients. Our skilled staff is ready to help care for you at any time, in any emergency.

What if I cannot speak English? We have 24/7 interpreter services available, no matter your language or cultural barrier.

Chesapeake Regional is home to a nationally accredited chest pain center, a comprehensive stroke center, and we have the best heart attack survival rates of any major system in the region. We also offer the latest in screening and neuro-interventional technologies.

If you are experiencing any emergency symptoms, such as numbness, slurred speech, chest or abdominal pain, please call 911 or come directly to our Emergency Department. 

Recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke and heart attack 

Where can I walk-in for urgent care? If you are seeking walk-in services for a non-emergency matter, Chesapeake Regional Primary Care-Mt. Pleasant offers extended hours and walk-in urgent care on a space-available basis. For more information, call 757-410-4580.

Who can I contact for more information in the Emergency Department? In an emergency, always call 911. Call the ED concierge for all other, non-emergency concerns at 757-312-5169.

Comprehensive Stroke Certified

Chest Pain Center accreditationWhen it comes to chest pain, it’s all about speed.

Hospitals see a lot of patients with chest pain - in fact it is the most common reason they come to the ER. That’s why Chesapeake Regional Medical Center established a chest pain center within its Emergency Department to ensure that patients receive fast, accurate and state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment as soon as they arrive at its doors.



We are always at the ready.


During a stroke, the sooner you get care, the better your chances of recovery. Our health care professionals are specially trained in emergency stroke care. In fact, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare is Comprehensive Stroke Certified by the Accreditation Commission of Health Care, Inc. This ACHC accreditation ensures our patients receive fast and technologically advanced stroke care from the moment they arrive at our facility. 



Through a partnership with Chesapeake ambulance services, EMS teams are able to perform EKGs in the field and send the information within seconds to the emergency department. This allows the cardiac team to be in place as soon as the patient arrives at the ER.

Once there, a highly skilled team with advanced knowledge in managing heart attacks provides rapid therapy to decide whether immediate medical treatment is warranted, further tests are needed or observation is necessary.


Awards & Accreditations