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Maternity Care

The Birthplace LogoThere's no other day quite like a birth day! At the BirthPlace, you will receive personalized, patient-centered care with all of the services, education and support you expect. We deliver high quality, compassionate care to every baby, mother and family. 

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Getting Ready for the Big Day

Our physicians, nurses and care team are dedicated to helping you through your entire birthing experience. It is our goal to provide you with the best possible care while also preparing you to care for your newborn at home.

If you are looking for a board-certified physician to deliver your baby, Chesapeake Regional Gynecology & Obstetrics offers a wide range of services.

We also offer a variety of parenting and childbirth classes.

Due to COVID-19, tours and classes have been suspended until further notice. Please call 757-312-6508 for more information.

Sweet Seedlings Photography

To capture some of your baby's first moments, Sweet Seedlings photography will create images of your newborn in the safety and security of your hospital room. A variety of packages are offered to suit your needs and budget, and photographers will supply professionally edited images the same day as the photoshoot. If for any reason you are unable to have photos taken during your stay, Sweet Seedlings provides the option to schedule an appointment for a later date.  


Getting off to a good start is the key to successful breastfeeding. Certified lactation consultants are available to help during your stay and after you return home. Our team offers Breastfeeding Classes and provides the support and education new moms need to help learn effective positioning techniques and solve challenges during the first weeks.

Call 757-312-3159 to learn more. 

We're Prepared

Our experienced and dedicated team is prepared to respond to unexpected emergencies. 

Obstetrics Emergency Department (OB ED)

To help eliminate the anxiety and stress expectant mothers might experience when visiting a traditional emergency department, Chesapeake Regional has developed an OB ED that ensures quick, efficient care. The obstetrical provider can assess, treat and discharge patients much faster than in a general emergency department or obstetrical triage setting. It’s a valuable resource for pregnancy-related emergencies that just can’t wait until morning.

The OB ED is dedicated to pregnant women, serving those 20 weeks gestation and greater. Located on the Labor & Delivery unit, board-certified physician specialists provide full-time, specialized care for expectant mothers. It's open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is equipped to handle pregnancy-related emergencies.

Level II Nursery

Should you deliver a preterm baby at 32 weeks who is as little as 3.3 pounds, our staff will provide the very best care for your newborn in our Level II Nursery, equipped with everything necessary to care for little ones who have stabilized but need to stay in the hospital a bit longer before they are ready to go home.

Patient Spotlight: Nida West

Rooming-In Prior to Discharge

When mothers are discharged, but their baby is still in the Level II Nursery, an overnight room can be reserved the night prior to their baby's discharge from the special care nursery. The room is located directly across the hall from the nursery.

Obstetrics Operating Rooms

Our newly renovated Obstetrics Operating Rooms feature large flat screen monitors for all fetal heart rate tracings, a warmer placed at mom's head level for the newborn initial assessment, and a new recovery unit with TVs.

In-House Hospitalists

Available 24/7

To provide the absolute highest standard of care to patients, we have partnered with Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) to ensure that an experienced OB/GYN is available 24/7 to evaluate and treat women with pregnancy and post-delivery concerns.

OBHG hospitalists are physicians who are trained in best practices to care for pregnant women while they’re in the hospital and their obstetrician isn’t available. They do not replace the care patients receive from their regular OB/GYN physician. Instead, they serve as an extension of the patient’s regular doctor and the high-quality care that doctor provides. 

In addition to handling deliveries, OB hospitalists assist with any issues or emergencies that may arise, regardless of whether patients have their own doctors. This includes anything from elevated blood pressure to more serious issues that may require immediate surgery.

Pediatric hospitalists are also available 24 hours a day. We share highly specialized neonatologists who also staff the local children's hospital. 

Video Visits


Do you have a quick question about pregnancy, labor, newborn care or breastfeeding? Our BirthPlace nurse experts can help with any of these topics, plus concerns about follow up care for you or your baby. To schedule a time to simply talk with the nurse who cared for you, or arrange a video visit, follow the steps below:

With a Chesapeake Regional MyChart account:

  1. Log into your MyChart Account
  2. Go to ‘Schedule an Appointment’
  3. Select ‘Schedule with a specific provider’ (you will see visit types on the next screen)


  1. Choose the reason for your visit (you will see a list of providers on the next screen)
  2. Schedule the appointment 24 hours in advance
  3. Enter a comment
  4. Verify the appointment
  5. Click “Schedule”

Without a Chesapeake Regional MyChart account:

  1. Call 757-312-BABY
  2. Create a Chesapeake Regional MyChart account
  3. Call 1-844-686-3503
  4. Check your email for an activation code
  5. Receive a link and click on it during your scheduled video visit time 

Video visits can take place from any video-capable device Monday - Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

Pain Management Options

Depending on the patient's health care provider and certain criteria, the following options are available:

  • Birthing Balls
  • Shower
  • Walking, Movement
  • Intravenous (IV) Pain Management
  • Epidural
  • Nitrous Oxide

Postpartum Support

After bringing baby home some new mothers feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. It’s a common feeling. 

Our twice monthly Postpartum Support Group brings new mothers together to calm fears and talk with others feeling the same way. An experienced facilitator helps answer questions and offers support, encouragement, information, resources and solutions for coping. 

The group is free and open to women during pregnancy or first year postpartum. There's no need to register. Infants are welcome. Email with questions.

Due to COVID-19, tours and classes have been suspended until further notice. Please call 757-312-6508 for more information.

Awards & Accreditations

Healthgrades Labor and Delivery Excellence Award Trophy

Healthgrades 2021 Labor and Delivery Excellence Award Trophy

Healthgrades Vaginal Delivery Seal

Healthgrades 2021 Vaginal Delivery Five-Star Recipient

Healthgrades C-Section Delivery Seal

Healthgrades 2021 C-Section Delivery Five-Star Recipient