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Free COVID-19 Testing Available Friday at Chesapeake Rx in South Norfolk

CHESAPEAKE, Va.— Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, The Virginia Office Of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Chesapeake Health Department, Buffalow Family & Friends and Chesapeake Rx are working together to provide free COVID-19 testing to at-risk members of the community during an upcoming event on Friday. The community testing event will occur at Chesapeake Rx, a pharmacy located in the Bainbridge Marketplace shopping center, 2544 Bainbridge Boulevard, in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake, on Friday, June 26, from 10 am to 2 p.m. 

The event will provide nasal-swab tests for up to 400 participants. Those who are symptom-free are encouraged to test. Results will be delivered confidentially in approximately 48 hours.              

Participants will receive food boxes, hand sanitizer, face masks, and other items through partnerships with the Southeastern Virginia Food Bank, Chesapeake Office of Emergency Management, the Governor’s office and other organizations. Tests and supplies will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Participants are encouraged to be patient and practice social distancing.      

Commenting on the next testing event, Reese Jackson, President & CEO of Chesapeake Regional Healthcare says, “South Norfolk is of special significance to Chesapeake Regional as our own history is tied to South Norfolk and the good deeds of Dr. Stanley Jennings. Chesapeake Rx opened in March to serve area residents and now we are working with our partners to combat COVID-19 and encourage prevention, to include concern for self and others.” 
Nichelle Buffalow, of Buffalow Family and Friends, says “The South Norfolk community is a closely-knit, diverse family. We lean heavily on each other in times of need, including joining forces to fight this pandemic. Buffalow Family and Friends are honored to serve our neighbors alongside Chesapeake Regional Healthcare and the Chesapeake Health Department.”

Dr. Nancy Welch, Director of the Chesapeake Health Department says, “All entities have a shared imperative interest to test and educate our fellow residents, especially our minority populations due to their higher risk of severe disease. We want our community to be safe and well.”

Bringing COVID-19 testing to at-risk and underserved neighborhoods throughout the City of Chesapeake is a priority for all involved. After successfully testing at MacDonald Manor, Geneva Square and The Mount Chesapeake, more testing will follow.


Media inquiries should be directed to:

  • CHESAPEAKE REGIONAL HEALTHCARE – Tricia Hardy, Media Relations Specialist, (757) 312-6873,
  • THE OFFICE OF RALPH S. NORTHMAM - Alena Yarmosky, Press Secretary. 
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