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Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Nurses Honored for their Exemplary Service

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare honored two outstanding nurses during its annual Nurse Exemplar Awards Presentation on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Robin Mecka, R.N. is this year’s winner and Kayla Murphy, R.N. was selected as runner-up. They were chosen as the 2017 recipients from close to 100 nominees.

Robin Mecka, Chesapeake Regional
Robin Mecka, R.N.
Winner, Nurse Exemplar Award

Robin Mecka, R.N., is a charge nurse in the Mother/Baby unit. She has worked as a Registered Nurse for 36 years with 28 years as a postpartum nurse. She is described by coworkers as a role model who is an expert care giver, knowledgeable mentor and someone who is always ready to help if an emergency arises. She keeps everyone on the floor motivated and handles every situation with a smile. Her coworkers recalled an emergency with a postpartum patient who was in a lot of pain. Mecka quickly sprang into action. After talking with the patient and reviewing her symptoms, Mecka quickly suspected that the patient needed emergency surgery and called the patient’s assigned nurse and doctor. Fellow nurses say that Mecka stayed with the patient and held her hand during testing and diagnostics; she continued to stay with her until the patient went into surgery. Because of her quick action, diligence and advocacy for the patient, Mecka’s coworkers credit her with helping to save the patient’s life.

Kayla Murphey, Chesapeake Regional
Kayla Murphy, R.N.
Runner-up, Nurse Exemplar Award

Kayla Murphy, R.N., is a Labor and Delivery nurse. Her co-workers say she demonstrates the characteristics of an exemplary nurse every day.  She goes above and beyond to take care of her patients and is often heard saying, “I just want patients to have the best experience possible when they come to have their baby. It’s such a special day for them and their families.” Even though she’s described as someone who shines every day, it’s her exemplary care of a patient who lost her baby at 18 weeks that made her stand out among her coworkers. The patient was devastated and heartbroken but also fearful of the delivery process. Murphy spent hours with the patient, taking care of her physically and emotionally. After delivery, Murphy dressed the deceased infant and wrapped him in a blue blanket so he was ready when the patient arrived back in her room. The patient nominated her for a nursing DAISY Award noting, “She is super sweet and I even asked her to take pictures with me and my child and we cried together. I would recommend her to anybody.”  

The awards were presented by the hospital’s Professional Nursing Council (PNC) to recognize excellence in nursing. Coworkers and managers submitted letters nominating outstanding nurses devoted to their patients and coworkers, and the PNC selected the two winners from the submissions. The nomination letters of award recipients were read at the presentation. The winner was awarded a $2,000 scholarship to further her nursing education by the Chesapeake General Hospital Auxiliary, a hospital café gift certificate, a personal parking space and a Florence Nightingale pendant from Long Jewelers. The runner-up received a $1,000 scholarship to further her nursing education by the Chesapeake General Hospital Auxiliary and a hospital café gift certificate.