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Chesapeake Regional Earns Healthgrades 2024 Patient Safety Excellence Award™

Chesapeake, Va.– Chesapeake Regional Healthcare announced today that its hospital, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, has been recognized as a 2024 Patient Safety Excellence Award™ recipient by Healthgrades. The hospital consistently delivers high-quality care and is among the top 10% of hospitals in the nation for patient safety. This achievement, along with Chesapeake Regional Medical Center’s other rating accomplishments reflects the hospital’s commitment to delivering safe, high-quality care.

Chesapeake Regional’s Five-Star ratings include: 
•    Five-Star Recipient for Vaginal Delivery (2017-2023) 
•    Five-Star Recipient for C-Section Delivery (2016-2023)
•    Five-star recipient for Hip Fracture Treatment (2019-2023)
•    Five-Star Recipient for Treatment of GI Bleed - 2023
•    Five-Star Recipient for Treatment of Diabetic Emergencies - 2023

  • Labor & Delivery Excellence Award - (2019-2023)
  • Patient Safety Excellence Award - 2024

These five-star ratings and excellence awards reflect Chesapeake Regional’s commitment to consistently delivering the best care possible and place the organization in the upper echelon of hospitals for specialty care nationwide. Additionally, the hospital is among the Top 5% of Hospitals Evaluated for Labor and Delivery.

Healthgrades, the leading resource consumers use to find a hospital or doctor, evaluated risk-adjusted complication and mortality rates for approximately 4,500 hospitals nationwide to determine this year’s top-performing hospitals for patient safety. During the 2020-2022 study period, nearly 170,000 potentially preventable safety events occurred among Medicare patients in U.S. hospitals, with four patient safety indicators accounting for close to 75% of these incidents. *

Healthgrades’ analysis revealed that patients treated in hospitals receiving the 2024 Patient Safety Excellence Award have a significantly lower chance of experiencing one of the four leading safety indicators than patients treated at non-recipient hospitals:

•    In-hospital fall resulting in fracture (approximately 52% less likely)
•    Collapsed lung due to a procedure or surgery in or around the chest (approximately 56% less likely)
•    Pressure sores or bed sores acquired in the hospital (approximately 67% less likely)
•    Catheter-related bloodstream infections acquired in the hospital (approximately 71% less likely)

"Our clinicians have worked diligently to create a safe medical experience for the community," said Reese Jackson, President & CEO of Chesapeake Regional Healthcare. “We consistently deliver high-quality specialty care to achieve these five-star ratings, from investments and processes to leadership commitment and new technology.”

“Chesapeake Regional Healthcare has cultivated an outstanding safety culture that prioritizes the well-being of both patients and staff, setting a high standard for patient safety nationwide,” said Brad Bowman, MD, chief medical officer and head of data science at Healthgrades. “We’re proud to recognize Chesapeake Regional Medical Center for providing top-quality care while preventing serious injuries to patients during their hospital stay.”

Where you’re treated matters, which is why Healthgrades is committed to providing the most scientifically accurate information about doctors and hospitals–with data insights not available anywhere else. To learn more about how Healthgrades measures hospital quality, visit

* Statistics are calculated from Healthgrades Patient Safety Ratings and Excellence Award methodology which is based primarily on AHRQ technical specifications (Version 2023.0.1) to MedPAR data from approximately 4,500 hospitals for years 2020 through 2022 and represent three-year estimates for Medicare patients only. Healthgrades evaluates hospitals solely on clinical outcomes: risk-adjusted mortality and complications. By focusing on what matters most – patient outcomes – Healthgrades ratings provide critical feedback for both patients and hospitals. The 2024 hospital assessment evaluated patient mortality and complication rates for 35 common conditions and procedures at approximately 4,500 hospitals nationwide to identify the top performers.


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