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Wound Care

Although most wounds heal on their own, there are an estimated six million Americans who suffer from chronic wounds that won’t heal. A patient with a complicated wound and additional medical complications often find that wounds do not easily heal on their own.  Chronic wounds can be caused by diabetes, circulatory problems, infection, and other conditions.  If a wound has not started to heal within two weeks or is not totally healed in six weeks, medical attention may be necessary to reduce the risk of complications including serious infection which could lead to amputation.

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center's Advanced Wound and Hyperbaric Center uses a comprehensive approach for patients with slow-to-heal wounds. Staffed by physicians and clinicians certified in both hyperbaric medicine and wound care, Chesapeake Regional specializes in aiding Patients who suffer from the following conditions: diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, trauma and surgical wounds and pressure ulcers. Our dedicated staff combines the latest technologies and healing techniques to promote healing and prevent recurrence. Most non-healing chronic wounds take time to heal; therefore, we have created a 16-week clinical pathway that allows us to monitor and utilize all of our advanced modalities to promote healing.