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Average ER wait time: 14 minutes

Telephone Services

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Phone Number

(757) 312-8121

To make or receive calls in your room

  • To connect to an extension inside the hospital, dial the four-digit number.
  • To make local calls outside the hospital, simply dial 8 then the seven-digit number.
  • To make long distance calls, dial 0 to reach the operator. (Long distance calls may be made collect or charged to your home telephone number or a credit card.)
  • Out-of-area patients, you will be given a guest services packet which will include a 10 minute calling card that you may use to make long distance calls.
  • Your family and friends can reach you by dialing 312 + the room number. If you're hearing impaired, please don't hesitate to request a TDD.
  • If your family or friends are staying at the Outer Banks while you are here, they can call the hospital using our toll-free telephone number, 1-800-456-8121.